Making love with a Filipino Girl

These are all just generalizations, so take them with a grain of salt if you must. But, to be completely honest, doing it with a Filipino girl may be the best experience of your entire love life!

I have found no equal. I think the basis for this is that they are just such earthy creatures. Deeply connected to the earth, food, other people, they have this automatic, unselfconscious sensuality to them. Let’s start with kissing!

Filipino Girls
Photo by Haundreis

More often than not, their tongues are very skilled! They are first of all built for kissing; long, flexible tongue, and thick juicy lips. And, from being from a different part of the world, they sometimes use it differently than what you are used to. For example, I’m was used to the tongue going round and round, so imagine my delight the first time I made out with Aileen, and she slowly put her tongue in my mouth and moved it from side to side! It doesn’t sound like much, but it was actually quite a surprise from all the girls I’d kissed before. And that was just the opening act!

Filipino girls like to be sensuous, but once you’re in and things are going smoothly, they like to be rocked! Even the pretty frail little things will give you a workout! Do them hard, do different positions, especially like a dog. They really shine when they sit on top of you. So gorgeous. They don’t mind being loud, too, if you like that (who doesn’t!)

Oral pleasure I’ve found are kind of hit or miss. It depends on the girl. But when they’re good at it, they’re real good. And they tend to be better at it than normal, just because they try a little bit harder on average to constantly please their man.

Giving them oral can also be hit or miss. Many tend to push you away if you try, just because they are used to Filipino men being more “manly” about it, just wanting to have intercourse, and leaving the pleasing to the women. When in doubt, try using your hand on them. They tend to be more open to that, in general.

If you are into anal, then most likely you are going to be out of luck with your Filipino girl. More often than not, a filipina has strong feelings about homosexuality, and equate taking it up the ass with being gay (imagine that!) You can ask, but if your girl says no and seems very set against it or even upset, best to let it go, because you could very well be planting a seed in her mind that you are a fag!

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  1. Noela Bailey Says:

    Wrong thought cause all filipina girl, we value more our feelings than sex, we dont put sex on the menu as our daily needs. About anal its depend on someone if we trust this person and we love them more than sex we are willing to open anything to this special person. About filipino being manly, maybe its because we believe in there promises and failed at the end, is doesnt mean we get used to it. Everyone is different not just filipina cause filipina means all the womans in philippines. You bollocks!, you only meet one filipina and you think everyone are same. Do it right, if you are clever enough search everyone if all are same and put there names not just filipina. Talking about being rocked, for your info. all the girls in entire of the universe got different taste and likes cause its human nature so its not just a filipina “THING”

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