Filipino Girls are So Hot

Filipino Girls are So Hot">Filipino Girls are So Hot
Filipino Girls
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Let me explain to you (with tongue-in-cheek and full realization that everybody’s tastes are different) why Filipino girls are the hottest girls on this planet.

First of all, many have this really gorgeous tan. Any white girl who had the typical Filipino coloring would look tres exotic and alluring. Well, here’s a country chock full of such girls! The best part is that Filipino girls hate being “dark.” That means, if you find a medium-shaded young lady, she may not have the highest level of self-esteem, if you see where I’m going with this…

Secondly, gorgeous black hair. Just so lovely and healthy-looking. I loathe what the female Japanese population do to their hair - most young Japanese girls turn their hair this inexplicable shade of rusty brown. Perhaps they believe it is the equivalent of being blond. It’s just heresy that they would turn that gorgeous color they naturally have into a travesty. But cute Filipino girls seem way less enamored with coloring or streaking their hair. Also, it seems to be more the style of other Asian countries for their women to have shorter hair. But walk down the street in Manila and you will see scores of hot Filipino girls with luscious, long, jet-black hair. Oh, and to see that long queue swinging back and forth as they go down on you!

How about weight? I, like many American men, prefer a svelte figure and can’t really get into obesity. Well, the Philippines is just the place for you to visit, my friend. It is unbelievable how many beautiful bodiesĀ  are in this country. Lean, luscious legs; cute curves around the hips and waist areas; long, beautiful necks. Would just drive you crazy just from the sheer volume of Filipina hotties. My memory is probably exaggerating to my present self, but I remember a total of two young chubby girls on my last trip to the Philippines. Curious, I walked over to them, and heard unmistakable American accents!

Sure, not every face of every Filipino girl is beautiful. And given, the Filipino look is an acquired taste. I am totally bitten by the bug, thankfully, so the look to me is equivalent to youthful beauty (not to mention the possibility of hot sex!)

At least you have a very good chance of getting a girl with a small nose! I think they’re absolutely adorable, and a great improvement over European style shnozzes that are large and convex. Bonus: Filipino girls want American-style “straight” noses, so not much self-esteem concerning their face, either! Attack by telling how gorgeous her face is, and if she believes you, watch her melt!

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